In the afternoon session (13:30-15:00) attendees were invited to join one of six hands-on workshops on various topics around digital disruption and change.

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1) Rapid Innovation Workshop:
The Value of Social Media
Simon Townsend (Deloitte) & Scott Ward (Digital Infusions)
A growing number of organisations are enjoying the significant commercial advantages that come with Enterprise social media, whilst many others are left floundering, unaware of the elements required to harness this profound opportunity. This workshop explores how and why of social media’s unique ability to drive the collaborative frameworks required to fuel innovation. At the end of this workshop participants will understand why social media holds so much value for their organisations and will also experience rapid innovation first hand. If you are seeking to build collaborative teams or have been tasked with championing organizational innovation, this workshop is for you.
2) Your Social Brand – The Future of Recruiting Steve Cadigan (Cadigan Talent Ventures) & Dr Kristine Dery (The University of Sydney Business School)
Social Networks and the continuing acceleration of organizations focused on BIG DATA are rapidly producing new insights about companies and candidates. It is becoming a reality today that the brand of a company is formed in part by the collective brand of its individual employees who to varying degrees have their brand defined by their presence and activity on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Pinterest and many other social platforms. In this workshop we will explore this trend, discuss what this means for companies, leaders and individuals and address some interesting topics such as: What does a good brand looks like? What control does a company have over the brand of its employees? How much value does a candidate place on “brand” in making a decision to join a company?
3) Hands on: Find Your Digital Disruption Change Agents Cai Kjaer (Optimice)
Bring your own laptop and learn how to identify and activate the hidden social network of the digital disruption change agents in your organisation. Cai Kjaer is a partner in Optimice and an expert in mapping and analysing social networks. His company has completed more real-world projects than any other organisations in Asia-Pacific. In this practical hands-on session Cai will show how you go about finding the most influential people in your organisation that can help you drive the inevitable business change that comes with digital disruption.

Make sure you have installed the free NodeXL plugin to Microsoft Excel ( if you want to try it out yourself.

4) Designing with Empathy in a Digital World Anne Bartlett-Bragg & James Dellow (Ripple Effects Group)
Our digital lives have become unshackled from the desktop – consuming video and music, the Web and social media have become a mobile, multi-device experience for many people. For some, the digital world is also a mobile first world.
In this short workshop, learn how to use empathy to inform the design of smarter, simpler mobile solutions.
5) Enterprise Social Network Roll-out & Success workshop A/Prof Kai Riemer (The University of Sydney Business School) & Katy Stevens (Yammer Inc)
In this workshop Kai and Katy will provide you with practical advice for managing the complexities of ESN roll out, adoption and achieving business value and results. Drawing on both Kai’s long-standing research in this space, as well as Katy’s deep experience in the industry in this workshop you will 1) learn about key frameworks and models that are useful in facilitating sense-making about ESN, 2) understand ESN roll-out challenges along the adoption process, and 3) get to discuss with the facilitators your own challenges in making ESN a success and the new ways of ‘working social’. If you are tasked with or want to influence the success of ESN initiatives in your organisation then this workshop is for you.
6) The Anti Panel: Disrupting Expectations Matt Moore (PwC), Simon Terry (HICAPS & NAB), Ben Gilchriest (Capgemini)
We can’t tell you want the outcomes of this session will be because that depends on you. In a reversal of a normal conference panel session, three facilitators / anti-panellists will pose questions to the “audience”. The disruption caused by digital technologies confounds the notion of the single “expert” as the only source of authority and this session aims to ensure that participants learn from each other. Some of the questions that we will be tackling together include:

  • How do we need to disrupt our own thinking and practices?
  • If you were looking back from 5 years hence, what mistakes are we making today?
  • What can’t we see because we are too close or too far away?