Adam Pisoni
Yammer Co-Founder and GM of Engineering, Microsoft Office Division
Adam oversees engineering and software development at Yammer, part of the Microsoft Office Division. He is considered a pioneer of the Enterprise Social Network (ESN) category and a visionary in organizational design and transformation. Adam has played a pivotal role in shaping Yammer’s iterative and data-driven design approach to product development, which is optimized for rapid innovation, usability and end user adoption. His leadership has helped Yammer achieve remarkable growth and global recognition for its rapidly-evolving cloud service.
Adam has dedicated his career to building Internet companies. Prior to Yammer, he worked at Geni – a genealogy website, where the idea for Yammer was originally conceived. Before Geni, Adam worked at Shopzilla, and helped lead the company to its eventual sale to Scripps Networks. Adam also co-founded and served as CTO of CNation, a web development consultancy with clients such as CBS MarketWatch,, Fox Interactive, Nissan of Japan and Honda. Cnation’s work for Honda earned them the 1997 Clio award for interactive design.
adam pisoni
LinkedIn, Twitter: @yammeradam‎

The Keynote: “Capitalizing on Disruption”

Businesses have always faced disruption in the past, but the frequency was much slower. Today, technology and the speed of information is accelerating disruption cycles, making uncertainty and constant change a reality of modern business. The good news is that the pace and scope of change and disruption is the same for everyone, so innovative companies that are able to rethink their understanding of the workplace have an opportunity to capitalize on this open flow of information. By encouraging employees to think beyond their job descriptions, and empowering these individuals to respond creatively and collaboratively to non-routine work, companies can maintain a competitive edge in this new era of business. Join Adam Pisoni as he discusses the power of open communication and the not so distant future of work.